As a tribute to our customers, from September 5th to October 5th 2018, Hong Ngoc Hospital is offering a 35% discount on incentive cancer screening,  gastrointestinal cancer screening, and breast cancer screening packages. The promotion aims at bringing the community more opportunities of detecting and treating cancer diseases and raising people awareness of cancer and current treatment methods.

The earlier cancer conditions are detected, the more chance people have to get over it.

Cancer diseases usually develop silently, leaving no signal for us to recognize. Numerous people ignore these small symptoms and only visit clinics and hospitals when the conditions get more serious, making it hard for treatment. Therefore, it’s necessary to regularly take health check-up and screening to detect any abnormalities in early stages. Based on the examination and screening results, specialists would devise the most appropriate protocol and treatment methods for you. Some surgery to remove cancer cells or techniques to control their development would much increase the success rate of cancer treatment.

As shown by current researches, cancer screening helps detect the diseases timely, thus enhancing the treatment rate to 60-100%.

What makes cancer screening at Hong Ngoc Hospital different?

Hong Ngoc General Hospital is proud to be one of the most prestigious medical institutions in Hanoi, Vietnam with more than 15 years of establishment and development. The hospital in general and their cancer treating department has been a prime address chosen by numerous patients and highly appreciated by both domestic and international experts.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital has continuously invested in innovating modern facilities and updating the world’s latest advancements in oncology. To enhance the efficiency of examination and treatment, the department is equipped with international-standard medical facilities, including Siemens 64 slice CT scanner, 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging system, X-ray and ultrasound equipment and more.

The cancer screening packages are well designed to ensure that all early symptoms would be detected while making it convenient for customers. The dedicated staff will guiding you through the screening steps where you are advised to take the most suitable screening strategy on the basis of your age, gender, medical records as well as current health status. Then the hospital’s Vietnamese doctors, together with the team of international specialists from Japan, Korea, and Thailand, are providing the most suitable treatment plan to individual patients considering their physical, emotional, and financial conditions.

35% discount on cancer screening services is applied from September 5th to October 5th 2018

Aiming at raising people awareness of oncology examination and treatment, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has launched a special promotion, offering 35% discount on several cancer screening packages including cancer screening, gastrointestinal cancer screening, and breast cancer screening. Please stroll down and see our below table to know what you would enjoy from it.

Packages Listed price


Promotion price


Applied at
Incentive cancer screening (Female) 12,800,000 8,320,000 55 Yen Ninh
Incentive cancer screening (Male) 11,700,000 7,605,000 55 Yen Ninh
Gastrointestinal cancer screening 5,400,000 3,510,000 All 3 branches
Breast cancer screening (Female) 1,260,000 819,000 55 Yen Ninh

Protecting your own health is necessary and is not a “pending” task that you could do when you have enough time and money. Especially, do not miss this chance of enjoying a 35% discount on cancer screening packages at Hong Ngoc General Hospital. Cancer is no longer the end of our life, be brave and actively face with it.

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