With more than 20 years of experience in hemangioma treatment, Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha – Hong Ngoc General Hospital recommends parents of children with hemangioma in any part of the body to bring them to hospital as soon as possible. Proper examination and early diagnosis would much increase the effectiveness of treatment.

The heart of a specialist

Each occupation often comes with distinctive values but it’s nothing if they do not go with people. At the end of the day, the values should be for people. While talking with Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha (Hong Ngoc General Hospital), we realize how happy she and her colleagues are when working at the hospital. The job has given them a chance to meet people, provide them with suitable treatment and save them from diseases.

Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha – Hong Ngoc General Hospital

For any patient, regardless their background, being rich or poor, Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha always gives them her great care. “The health of patient is the most priority”, she said while leading us to visit some little children whose vascular tumors have just been successfully removed. Looking at the sparkling eyes and happy faces of the patients’ family, we could totally feel their gratitude to the dedicated doctor.

When we mentioned that to her, Dr. Nha just smiled. She always keeps in mind that “It’s my job. As a doctor, the thing I most concern is how to make them safe both physically and mentally.”

Having more than 20 years of experience in hemangioma treatment, Dr. Nha was former Deputy Head of Craniofacial Department – Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics as well as worked and studied in Craniofacial Center of Changgung Menorial Hospital (Taiwan) and Paris VI Medical University (France). In her career, she usually concerns about the fact that numerous people still mistake vascular endothelial tumors with vascular malformations.

Meanwhile, appropriate treatment in hemangioma mainly depends on accurate diagnosis (distinguishing between vascular endothelial tumors with vascular malformations) as well as the correct prognosis and determination whether the tumors will develop and regress or not.

Numerous babies have vascular tumors in their body

Dr. Nha shares that due to the proliferation of vascular wall cells, new endothelial cells form new capillaries leading to tumors of vascular endothelium or hemangiomas. They are often found in infants, they appear and rapidly increase in size during the next months of life before stop growing or regress after years.

Vascular malformation is congenital and caused by enlarge vascular. The malformation will exist, develop during the patient’s life from infancy to adulthood and could not disappear.

Hemangiomas progress in 2 stages: proliferation and regression. According to international documents, cold weather in cold countries is one of the factors that reduce the risk of hemangioma proliferation.

“To predict whether the hemangioma is regressive or not, the doctor must examine and strictly follow his patient in 3 consecutive months. If the tumors tend to fade away without any intervention then they are regressive. However, among nearly 2000 cases of hemangiomas that I have dealt with, regressive hemangiomas only account for a small number”, said Dr. Nha.

Clinical and subclinical methods can be used in the diagnosis of hemangiomas. These methods are also chosen by Dr. Nha to examine for little children at Hong Ngoc General Hospital. With clinical findings, types of hemangioma, including flat vascular tumors, cavernous hemangioma, ubcutaneous hemangioma, intraosseous hemangioma, arterial hemangioma, lymphoma, and mixed hemangioma can be identified. Then she can apply subclinical methods such as angiography the area with rich infiltration, ultrasound, craniofacial CT Scan, MRI to determine the tumor’s location, size and invasiveness, or cell biopsy for the area that difficult to identify.

Dr. Nha is examining and consulting for a young patient

Do not neglect small birthmarks

On the basis of hemangioma types and the seriousness of each case, the doctor will decide to provide treatment or not and which approaches would be used to minimize the effect to the patient’s health and appearance.

According to Dr. Nha, it should not be considered that all types of hemangiomas are self-healing without any treatment. Do not ignore some small birthmarks and hemangiomas in special locations as they can be life-threatening, especially during their development stage.

For example, a one-month-old baby has hemangioma as a tiny red mole. The mole then rapidly grows after only some days. When Dr. Nha examined the patient, the large tumor had covered a half of his face. Bright red swollen areas also appeared in his head and temporal region.

In this case, medications were instructed with the standard dose based on his weight and situation. After 2 months of treatment, the skin color on the tumor got brighter, the tumor got flatter and his face mostly recovered.

In fact, a large number of hemangiomas are located in dangerous areas such as airway, subcutaneous, amputation, jaw, and neck, causing serious complications. They silently develop, making it difficult for patients to realize them. When we see clear signs, they have already been serious.

Small birthmarks can develop with dangerous complications

Hemangioma’s complications include: ulcer and necrosis of the tumor’s central area and secondary infection after tumor necrosis. In particular, bleeding is the most common complication occurring when the tumor rapidly increase in volume.

Hemangiomas located in the eyelids, nose, ears, mouth, anus … often cause disorders in life functions for children. For example, hemangio in the eyelids can lead to amblyopia, strabismus or visual disturbances.

It’s essential for hemangiomas in these cases to be treated timely and properly. Therefore, Dr. Nha recommends parents of children with hemangioma to bring them to hospital as soon as possible. Proper examination and early diagnosis would much increase the effectiveness of treatment.

The hope for hemangioma patients

With the enhanced capacity and expertise of doctors as well as modern facilities and equipment, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has saved the face of thousands patients who have hemangiomas by advanced methods with less complication. Particularly, numerous serious cases in which the hemangiomas quickly grow, threatening life of the patient are successful treated by our doctors.

The typical cases include saving the life of a child in Binh Duong Province with hemangioma surrounding his windpipe and ophthalmic reconstructive surgery performed for a girl with cavernous hemangioma in the eye and temporal region . Another case is a two-month-old girl with liver hemangiomas. Her family had brought her to some clinics and hospitals, gaining no good result. After 10 months of treatment by active substances instructed by Dr. Nha, the 10cm tumor in her liver became a tiny calcification.

What makes Dr.Nha concerned at the present is that hemangiomas treatment has not been supported by the public health insurance while the treatment is long and expensive. She still remembers a baby with congenital hemangioma. His parents do not have enough money to get him treated. His tumor grew so fast that it covered one of his eyes, affecting his visual ability. After the family received the support from Hong Ngoc General Hospital, a surgery to remove his hemangioma was performed by Dr. Nha. The patient recovered without recurrence.

Every day, every hour, Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha and her colleagues are always dedicated to patients, trying their best at work. Dr. Nha hopes that Hong Ngoc General Hospital would be a prime address offering high-quality treatment services, especially treatment of hemangiomas which is equal to that of other developed countries.

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