According to the recent statistic date, about 33% of population over the age of 30, especially office workers is at risk of diseases related to neck, shoulders and spine. These diseases and conditions are not too serious but they would significantly affect to the patients’ health, work performance and life quality.

Mr. L is an accountant. His job requires him to spend long hours sitting in front of the computer. Therefore, he usually has backache, shoulder pain and neck pain but didn’t consider it serious. Recently, the pain has been more intense, spreading through his nape area and his back and making it hard for him to turn his body around. He visited a local clinic near his house for oriental medicine. However, after weeks of treatment, the symptoms still persisted so he decided to find a more reliable hospital.

Being introduced by a friend, Mr. L went to Hong Ngoc General Hospital, asking for examination and treatment by the hospital’s Musculoskeletal Medicine Department. Here, after his MRI, the doctor concluded that he had neck syndrome and signs of thoracic burns. The doctor advised him to experience physical therapy at the hospital while taking some medications.  As a result, after more than a month of physical therapy at Hong Ngoc General Hospital, together with changes in diet and work, Mr. L has recovered and felt better. The neck pain and shoulder pain have been significantly relieved.

Let’s follow him in a day of physical therapy and see how it helps him to overcome the popular occupational disease.

Mr. L followed the guidance of the receptionist.
Mr.L was examined at the Musculoskeletal Medicine Department
The doctor analyzed and explained his lower back pain condition with a model.
Mr.L’s treatment started with pulsed ultrasound which helps him to relax his muscles, relieve tension, and ease his neck spasm.
Interferential therapy helped regulate the body’s physiology, relieving back pain
Microwave diathermy worked to enhance the blood circulatory, nourishing the treatment area to help him alleviate back pain.
Shock wave therapy helped relieve neck spasm and shoulder pain.
Acupuncture therapy was applied to relieve his lower back pain.
The physician was performing acupressure massage
Spinal decompression therapy allowed him to relax and relieve lower back pain
Hydrotherapy was applied to relieve muscles, soften the skin, increase peripheral blood circulation and help him recover from spinal pain.

After each physical therapy section, Mr. L always feel comfortable as the pain has been eased. The treatment also helps him to relax and recharge energy before getting back to work.

According to Dr. Dinh Van Hao, Musculoskeletal Medicine Department – Hong Ngoc General Hospital, there are numerous patients who ignore the symptoms of neck- shoulder pain and are not aware of the dangerous complications such as neuropathic pain, vestibular disorders, joint deformities, quadriplegia, and neurological disorders. Therefore, it’s recommended for you to visit reliable clinics for examination and treatment when you have back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. The earlier you find out the disease, the more effective the treatment would be.

To express the gratitude to customers for trusting and using physical therapies of Hong Ngoc General Hospital for years, from 15 July 15 2018 on, the hospital is offering a 20% discount on treatment of neck and spinal pain.