As one of the pioneers in applying 100% South Korean techniques and technologies in beauty treatment, Hong Ngoc Beauty Clinic has been the prestigious address for customers in their journey of finding their flawless appearance. With more than 15 years of experience and advanced technologies, the clinic will surely satisfy all demands of Vietnamese people and expats.

Established in the same time with Hong Ngoc General Hospital, Hong Ngoc Beauty Clinic has been one of leading beauty clinics in Vietnam. The Clinic is licensed by Vietnam Ministry of Health to perform a variety of techniques from simple ones to complex orthopedic surgery.

For more than a decade, Hong Ngoc Beauty Clinic has continuously enhanced its capacity to offer customers premium services.

Highly qualified specialists

Hong Ngoc Beauty Clinic is home to well-trained and experienced specialists from famous plastic surgery and beauty clinics in Deagu, South Korea, promising to offer customer a harmonious and natural beauty.

Before taking any beauty techniques, customers are carefully examined and consulted by doctors to figure out the most appropriate customized plan of treatment. With years of experience and “gold hands”, the specialists from the land of kimchi will be your best companion during the way of finding your desire beauty.

Most advanced technologies and latest aesthetic solutions

All beauty techniques and aesthetic treatments at Hong Ngoc Beauty Clinic are performed with American and South Korean technologies, allowing customers to experience world-class beauty services right in Vietnam. The Clinic’s three main services include:

Orthopedic surgery: Applying the world most advanced procedures such as double eyelid surgery, S-line rhinoplasty, V-line face plastic surgery with 3D technology, Breast augmentation, and Endoscopic buttock enhancement. All steps of the procedures are performed in the hyper-clean surgery rooms following strict safety standards by Ministry of Health.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments including non-invasive beauty procedures such as body contouring and fat reduction by Velashape technology, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, and face shaping with filter.

Skin care and treatment: Applying the latest LED light treatments approved by FDA (Laser Spectra, Laser CO2 Fractional, Laser Toing, Laser E2…) for gently address any skin problems and aging without pain or scars.

For more than 15 years of establishment and development, Hong Ngoc Beauty Clinic has always worked with the commitment of offering customers natural beauty with the safest aesthetic solutions. Our goal is to satisfy customers’ demands and help them explore their own hidden beauty.

We are continuously attempting to create and bring miracles of beauty to you!