In the morning 13 May 2019, the team of IMS International Medical Agency (IIMA) led by Ms. Kitagami – Vice Chairman of IIMA have visited Hong Ngoc General Hospital to evaluate the cooperation program of nursing training program. The two parties looked back achievements in current years and discussed cooperation direction in the coming time.

The visit of IMS Medical Corporation to Hong Ngoc General Hospital

In this visit to Hong Ngoc General Hospital, the team of IMS was led by Ms. Kitagami – Vice Chairman of IIMA. She was former Director of Nursing at IMS. Welcoming the team of IMS this time were Dr. Cao Doc Lap – Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s Director, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy – the hospital’s head of nursing team. 

IMS Medical Corporation and Hong Ngoc General Hospital have a closed relationship with agreements in professional training programs since 2016. The two parties have also visited each other frequently. The visit of IMS this time remarked a 3-year cooperation between IMS and the hospital.

The pleasant conversation between IMS’ representatives and Hong Ngoc General Hospital

In the intimate atmosphere of the conversation, they threw back unforgettable memories in the past and discussed new directions they would take to enhance the partnership in nursing training in particular and medical training in general. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy expressed her joy to meet the partners again “We were so glad to know that Ms. Kitagami and IMS team would visit Hong Ngoc Hospital. I still remember our 15 days at IMS in Japan in 2017. We have applied a lot of knowledge acquired that time into practice at the hospital.” Ms. Thuy and Ms. Kitagami have a closed relationship and kept in touch since the cooperation program in 2016.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Cao Doc Lap gave a nice gift to Ms. Kitagami – Representative of IMS Corporation.

The IMS mission then made a tour around Hong Ngoc General Hospital. Ms. Thuy showed them what the hospital has improved in recent years.

The 3-year partnership between Hong Ngoc General Hospital and IMS Corporation

Established in 1956, IMS is one of Japan’s biggest medical corporations. After more than 60 years of development, IMS has a network of 135 hospital and health centers.

In 2017, Hong Ngoc General Hospital and IMS Corporation signed the agreement in nursing training program following strict standards of Japan. Accordingly, 4 nurses of Hong Ngoc General Hospital led by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy traveled to Japan for a training course there. Hong Ngoc is the first hospital in Vietnam to collaborate with IMS and the first foreign hospital to have nurses trained by IMS. In two years 2016-2017, Hong Ngoc General Hospital also signed cooperation agreement with IMS to organize training courses for all nurses working at 55 Yen Ninh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

The team of nurses partaking in the training course in Japan in May 2016
Hong Ngoc General Hospital signed nursing training agreement with IMS in March 2017

With the strength in nursing home, IMS’s training program and system of health care are professional. The set of training courses and cooperation program between Hong Ngoc General Hospital and IMS Corporation have allowed the hospital’s nurses to acquire knowledge and skills from Japanese leading specialists. They learned about various skills from how to write easy-to-follow medical record, how to bring medicine into the treatment room that helps reduce the number of staff at each room, how to care for patients so that they could remember the nurse’s name, and more.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital has paid much attention to nursing quality and continuously enhanced the capacity of staff by organizing workshops and cooperation programs with international partners. Therefore, the hospital’s service quality has been greatly improved over the time, meeting the demand for professional services of patients and their family. You are invited to enjoy our Japan-standard nursing services right in Vietnam during your time at Hong Ngoc General Hospital.

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