In two days from 5th April to 6th April 2019, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has provided on-site health check-up services for 300 staff of Marie Curie School, Hanoi. The two-day event has received numerous positive feedbacks from teachers and other staff.

On-site health check-up services is as qualified as services provided at the hospital

After 30 years of establishment and development, Marie Curie School is proud to be one of Hanoi’s leading private schools with its comprehensive and prestigious education system. The school always considers caring for its staff’s health condition a priority. Therefore, health check-up services provided to them must meet strict standards and requirements.

Before the examination at the school, Hong Ngoc General Hospital had investigated and established a “mini hospital” on the campus to provide them the highest quality of medical services. This mini hospital included 8 high-quality examination rooms equipped with modern facility and database managing system directly connected with the hospital’s system.

The examination rooms were located like a mini hospital.

During the days of examination, Hong Ngoc Hospital’s professional team has gathered to offer the best services at Hall 9, Marie Curie School, Hanoi. Accordingly, 8 experienced specialists, 8 nurses and 3 receptionists were assigned to support the school’s staff each day.

The professional team providing on-site health check-up at Marie Curie School.

The on-site health check-up at Marie Curie School covered various aspects such as internal medicine examination, ENT endoscopy, obstetric-gynecological examination, general abdominal ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound, and breast ultrasound for women as well as complete blood count, blood glucose test, lipid blood test, liver/kidney function tests, Hepatitis B test, and screening tests for digestive/liver/cervical.

Blood samples for these tests had been collected before the day of examination. Therefore, when the school’s staff come for health check-ups, all test results had been ready for doctors to give conclusion, saving their waiting time.

Marie Curie School’s staff received health check-up services from the hospital’s dedicated team.

Staff of Marie Curie School shared that they were very satisfied with the quality of on-site health check-up services offered by Hong Ngoc General Hospital. Everything from doctors, consultants to equipment and services made them feel like examining at the hospital.

On-site health check-up services is as qualified as services provided at the hospital.

Acknowledging of the importance of regular health check-up as well as appreciating the care of school’s director board, all staff had arranged their scheduled to attend the examination. Some teachers even joked that it was the health day of Marie Curie School.

Why should you choose on-site health check-up services offered by Hong Ngoc General Hospital?

Nowadays, on-site health check-up has been considered a convenient way for organizations to arrange regular health check-up for their staff. It allows the organization to host the health check-up event right in their area while services all meet strict standards and regulations of Ministry of Health. This form helps to save costs and time as the staff do not need to travel from their company to the hospital. Therefore, it has been appreciated and chosen by more and more companies and organizations.

To meet this demand, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has continuously attempted to complete our on-site health check-up services. We are proud to be a prestigious unit with full conditions and medical experiences in providing on-site health check-up.

Work place on-site health checkup has been considered one of key services offered by Hong Ngoc General Hospital to best meet the increasing demand of health care for organizations’ staff.

We boast a variety of packages, modern equipment and mobile examination facilities, a team of experienced specialists, professional organizing process, and high quality services, meeting all requirements, even the most demanding ones.

Let’s give us the chance to care for your staff, thereby ensuring their best health status as well as enhancing your corporate culture and company image.

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