In the morning 19 June 2019, the initial first aid training course for Huong Hai Sealife’s staff has been successfully hosted by Hong Ngoc General Hospital. By attending this useful course, the company’s staff have acquired new knowledge and basic skills to provide initial first aid in the community when any serious problems arise.

Huong Hai Sealife is one of the experienced companies offering cruise services in Halong Bay, Quang Ninh. As they operate in the sea where numerous dangerous situations would come, accidents leading to injuries, drowning and apnea can happen at any time. It’s hard to save patients in emergency cases because it takes about 1 to 2 hours for the cruise to come back to the shore. Therefore, it’s essential for cruise staff to know how to act properly to save the victims before they could reach professional medical workers.

Numerous cases require initial first aid right on the cruise in Halong Bay

Acknowledging the importance of first aid provision to passengers in emergency cases, the director board of Huong Hai Sealife has cooperated with Hong Ngoc General Hospital to organize the initial first aid training course for the company staff.

The course has attracted more than 30 staff of the company. “In the past, if I met someone who had an accident, I was often quite embarrassed and could not know how to handle them. Today’s lesson is really a good opportunity for me to have more basic skills so that I can save them when an unexpected situation occurs,” a participant shared.

Dr. Chu Quang Lien – Head of ICU Department of Hong Ngoc General Hospital delivered his presentation and directly provide clear first aid guidance to the course’s participants. During the course, Dr. Lien explained the most common cases that require first aid, including drowning, electric shock, and chocking. With vivid and easy-to-understand images and videos, the participants actively interact with the doctor, especially in sections of drowning and injuries which often happen in the sea. Dr. Lien also pointed out the drawbacks of emergency methods that people often share by word of mouth.

Dr. Lien instructing learner to perform Heimlich maneuver to chocking victim.

To apply the lessons, the participants were divided into three groups practicing first aid skills with models of adult and baby. On the models, learners can see clearly the area on body to deal with. The learners are required to perform various first aid actions for cases of coma, fracture, and chocking. After few minutes of embarrassment, most of them successfully performed 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths in 120 seconds and different ways to stop an arterial bleed.

A girl confidently perform chest compression
Learners practicing how to fix femur fracture with splints
Dr. Lien and the first aid course’s participants

At the end of the course, each participant received a certificate for attending the initial first aid course provided by Hong Ngoc General Hospital. Many of them shared that with the learned knowledge and skills, they were confident to properly act to save their family members, friends and passengers in emergency cases.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital is offering on-site emergency services at events and workplace of companies as well as organizing first aid training course for businesses, schools, hotels, apartments, offices and more.

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