On August 7th, 2019, Hong Ngoc General Hospital hosted successfully the Conference on Cochlear Implant Surgery with the presence of nearly 100 doctors and guests. The conference took place right after the successful cochlear implant surgery for a patient who had suffered from hearing deficiency for 9 years.

On July 20th 2019, MMed. Saing Pisy, from the Department of Ear – Nose – Throat (ENT) of Hong Ngoc General Hospital, along with Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Xuong – Head of ENT Department (Vietnam National Children’s Hospital) and the surgical crew successfully operated the cochlear implant on a patient who had been living for 9 years with hearing deficiency. This was the first ever cochlear implant surgery at Hong Ngoc General Hospital, giving great hope for patients with hearing impairments, hearing loss or even severe hearing damage.

After this remarkable event, Hong Ngoc General Hospital teamed up with the world leading cochlear manufacturer’s doctors and experts to hold the Conference on Cochlear Implant Surgery, sharing helpful knowledge and information about this advanced technique.

At the conference was the presence of Dr. Cao Doc Lap – Director of Hong Ngoc General Hospital, Dr. Tu Duc Sac – Deputy Director, MMed. Saing Pisy – ENT Department of Hong Ngoc Hospital, Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Xuong – Head of ENT Department of Vietnam National Children’s Hospital. Moreover, the conference was honored to have Mr. Sean Lo – International audiologist of MEDEL, Ms. Jacinta – International audiologist of WIDEX, along with nearly other 100 doctors and guests.

After the opening statement of Dr. Cao Doc Lap, Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Xuong shared some valuable details about the protocol of the cochlear implant surgery and other relevant information such as what cochlear is, how it works, as well as suitable subjects to implant cochlear, how to take good care of patients post-surgery…

Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Xuong gave a presentation on Cochlear Implant Technique

Apart from the useful theoretical information, numerous lively photos and videos of the cochlear implant procedures were showed, bringing a clearer and more exact view about this modern technique to the attendees.

At the event, Dr. Pisy shared his experience of operating a cochlear implant on a patient having suffered from hearing impairment for 9 years. The surgery ended successfully after 2 hours. Two days later, the incision was dry, the patient had no abnormal signs like headache or dizziness. The experts used the cochlear implant device to measure and gave the best results with 12 hearings all working very well. This was a total success beyond the doctors’ expectations.

Dr. Pisy is planning to activate the cochlear implant device for the patient on August 15th. This will be an important stage him as from then on he will be able to hear like a normal person.

Dr. Saing Pisy delivered his speech at the conference.

At the end of the speech, Dr. Pisy had a sincere sharing of his opinions and perspectives when he first time worked in the medical field. At that time, he has always had for himself a principle of “the 3 Hs”: Head (intelligent, high qualifications), Hand (advanced skills and techniques), and Heart (working with all of his heart, sympathizing with his patients, always sticking to his professional ethics). This principle has inspired him more and more every day to work, to progress and to devote his talents to his career of helping patients, especially the pediatric patients at the ENT Department.

He also wishes to use his effort, along with the aid of advanced techniques like cochlear implant to bring hope to those who are suffering from hearing impairments, hearing loss or even severe hearing damage.

 At the end of the conference, two international audiologists – Mr. Sean Lo (MEDEL) and Ms. Jacinta (WIDEX) – gave an introduction to the world’s most advanced hearing aid devices.

Mr. Sean Lo, representative of MEDEL, gave a speech at the conference.
Ms. Jacinta, representative of WIDEX, introduced hearing aid devices

With the conference coming to an end, the doctors, experts and guests all took a photo as a memento of this special occasion.

Guests taking a photo as a memento at the end of the conference.


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