On 12 June 2016, Hong Ngoc have hosted a class for nursing staff to offer waterless bath services to bed bound patients. It is a convenient services for the elder, women after delivery, immobile patients, and so on.

What is waterless bath?

For many people in Vietnam, waterless bath seems strange and unpopular. However, bathing without using water is quite common in other countries. The products for this type of bathing are not only used for NASA astronauts during their time in space but starts being used in daily life.

With only a set of dry gel, we can take a bath without using water. The process is simple. All you need to do is apply the gel on your body and your hair, vigorously rub or gently massage then use washcloth to remove dirt from your skin and hair. You will immediately feel clean and comfortable without using any drop of water.

Especially, in health care field, body hygiene is necessary and even compulsory. However, some patients are not allowed to be exposed to water or cannot leave their beds to bathe. These people needs their relatives or nurses for support. For them, products for waterless bath are convenient to keep their body clean and increase comfort.

Waterless bath is a convenient way for patients to ensure body hygiene.

Who should use waterless bath services?

Anyone could use this waterless bath services when they want. However, it is actually useful for these below groups of people:

  • Women before and after delivery
  • Patients who are resuscitating after surgery or bedridden patients
  • Patients who should avoid contact with water
  • Those who have difficulties to leave their beds to bathe: the older, patients who have broken leg, broken back,…
  • Sick children who have fever

Hong Ngoc is offering convenient waterless bath services for patients

As one of renowned medical units trusted by people in the capital Hanoi for years, Hong Ngoc General Hospital always hopes that anyone who comes to the hospital would feel comfortable and peace of mind during their time of examination and treatment with the best services.

To meet this goal, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has been continuously updated and developed new techniques and health care services. And one of them is waterless bath service.

On 12 June 2019, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has hosted a class giving necessary skills for nursing staff to offer waterless bath to patients on bed.

This is considered a great and helpful solution for the elder, bedridden patients, women after delivery and those who are not allowed to have a normal bath with water.

Not only is a convenient and useful solution, the waterless bath service of Hong Ngoc Hospital offers customers the chance to experience:

  • Safe service with high-quality products which are made from natural ingredients and alcohol-free
  • Time-saving service that makes patients feel clean and comfortable
  • Professional service performed by skilled and caring nursing staff

If you choose Hong Ngoc General Hospital, we are committed to offer you the most relaxing and effective time with our highest quality services.

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