The Lifting up Dreams 2017 Opening was hosted on 14 March 2017 by Hong Ngoc General Hospital. During the trip, RICE project, in association with Hong Ngoc Hospital, offered free reconstructive surgery for children who have birth defected.

Considered the most complex technique among all types of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery costs a huge amount of money. However, a number of people those need reconstructive surgery couldn’t afford it. Therefore, they often seek out charitable organizations with professional reconstructive surgery, hoping for help.

Aware of this situation, Hong Ngoc Hospital has cooperated with RICE project – a professional team of doctors from US – to operate the Lifting up Dreams program in Vietnam, aiming at helping Vietnamese children in need of reconstructive surgery. 

The “Lifting up Dreams 2017” is the 6th trip of this program.


Within the previous trip in 2016, we had operated for 40 cases in our efforts to bring the children back to a normal life. Birth defect is popular in developed countries, especially in Vietnam. It not only affects the patient’s appearance but makes their breathing and eating more difficult, if not impossible,  and causes problems with their speech development. The “Lifting up Dreams 2017” continued our mission of helping children suffered from this defect.

In this 6th trip, all of children were scanned by CT64 and more than 40 cases were directly examined by Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha and US doctors of RICE project. The doctors, then, carefully considered and filtered out the possible surgery cases.



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