On 1 June, the baby first aid course organized by Hong Ngoc General Hospital has successfully taken place with the more than 30 attendants. The participants has have a chance to acquire basic knowledge and skills for saving their children in dangerous situations.

Right from the very first days of introduction, the course received great attention from parents. Many of them came to the hospital main hall in the early morning, excitedly waiting to join it. “I came across the course’s information in the Internet. It is an essential course for families with babies to attend as few parents could have enough knowledge and skills to provide first aid when their children face with emergency problems. Therefore, today both I and my wife are presenting here to join the course.” said Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung (Cau Giay, Hanoi).

Numerous parents early came to the hospital’s main hall where the course took place.

Dr. Chu Quang Lien – Head of ICU Department of Hong Ngoc General Hospital delivered his presentation and directly provide clear first aid guidance to the course’s participants. With the easy-to-understand guidance and practice, Dr. Lien explained how to save children in dangerous situations such as such as drowning, chocking, heat burns, chemicals, electric shock, and more, receiving much attention from the parents. In addition,  Dr. Lien helped the participants to easily recognize things and factors that would threaten children when they are at home or playing in public areas.

To make it easier for participants to acquire mentioned knowledge, the hospital’s team of nurses helped them to practice on baby models, allowing them to remember each step of the first aid processes. This enable parents to be confident and keep calm to solve the problems when they arise. Particularly, at the end of the course, each parent was given a certificate for attending the baby first aid course hosted by Hong Ngoc General Hospital.

Below are some highlighted pictures taken during the Baby first aid course at Hong Ngoc General Hospital:

Dr. Chu Quang Lien showing attendants how to provide first aid
His presentation attracted all parents’ attention
Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s nurses giving guidance to the parents during their practice section
Each participant was required to practice with the baby model.
A child and his dad performing first aid steps under the guidance of hospital staff
At the end of the course, Hong Ngoc General Hospital gave certificate of participation for parents.

As scheduled, the course is organized once a month in Saturday morning from 9am to 11:30am at the main hall on the 4th floor of the hospital.

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