In the afternoon 19 June, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has met the representatives of Newborns Vietnam to exchange information related to the establishment of delivery and operating rooms following the WHO Guide.

The meeting was attended by Ms. Hoang Tan Cuong, Deputy Director of Hong Ngoc General Hospital as well as doctors, physicians, midwives and nurses of the Obstetrics and Neonatology Department. From the Newborns Vietnam, Ms. Suzana Lubran – the organization’s CEO – and staff in charging of medical equipment joined this meeting.

Overview of the meeting between Hong Ngoc General Hospital and Newborns Vietnam

Newborns Vietnam is a United Kingdom registered charity dedicated to reducing neonatal mortality and improving health care services for babies and mothers in South East Asia, with a specific focus on Vietnam. The charity has been working directly with public health partners in Vietnam to address the deficit of specialist neonatal medical and nursing education to strengthen hospital-based intensive care, enhance the capacity of medical staff as well as build up and directly manage sustainable solutions for long-term changes in neonatal care and women care.

At the meeting, Ms. Suzana introduced Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s medical staff with issues related to the organizations of training courses for neonatal care and the basics of ensuring neonatal medical process. The most significant one is to ensure that medical staff and related personnel to fully understand and follow the agreed process. She hoped that in the next 5 years, training courses for pediatricians, obstetricians and newborn caregivers will continue to take place and receive support from general hospitals in Hanoi and northern provinces of Vietnam in general and Hong Ngoc Hospital in particular.

Dr. Hoang Tan Cuong shared with Newborns Vietnam the new hospital to be launched in the near future.

On behalf of Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s Director board, Ms. Hoang Tan Cuong share that the new hospital of Hong Ngoc was scheduled to put into operation in 2020. Covering a large area, this new hospital, with the large system of delivery rooms and operating rooms, would need the support of Newborns Vietnam to optimize layout of equipment and resuscitation rooms to promote the best efficiency and safety for childbirths.

Ms. Suzana Lubran awarded the certificate of merit to Hong Ngoc Hospital for supporting intensive training program for neonatal care staff

 On this occasion, the representative of Newborns Vietnam awarded a certificate of merit to Hong Ngoc General Hospital for supporting and contributing to ensure the quality of specialist neonatal medical and nursing education. In addition, three doctors of Hong Ngoc General have been assigned to partake in the training courses of Newborns to enhance their capacity in caring for pregnant women and infants. After finishing the training courses, the doctors have come back to the hospital, providing guidance to the hospital’s nursing team to ensure that the quality of health care for mothers and newborns always follow the WHO guide.

Newborns Vietnam visiting and evaluating medical equipment of waiting room, delivery room and operating rooms of Hong Ngoc General Hospital

The delegation of Newborns Vietnam paid a visit and evaluated the equipment quality of waiting rooms, delivery rooms and operating rooms as well as observed a sample case of delivery and infant care to understand more about the neonatal care process at Hong Ngoc General Hospital.

The event has made a new mark of development in the partnership of the two parties, creating a prerequisite for future training cooperation for pediatricians and obstetricians. In addition, Hong Ngoc General Hospital will be instructed to establish the system of delivery and operating rooms following the WHO guide. This would make sure that the quality of intensive-care for mothers and infants at the hospital will increasingly strengthened.