At 4pm, 10 August 2019, the medical seminar with the topic of “new technique in surgical management of gastric cancer” will be hosted at Hong Ngoc General Hospital. The seminar is organized by the hospital in collaboration with the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Fujita Health University School of Medicine Hospital. The key speaker of the event is Prof.Dr. Suda Koichi.

Prof.Dr. Suda Koichi – Japanese leading gastroenterological surgeon

Dr. Suda Koichi graduated from Keio Gijuku University and doctorated in Medicine, School of Medicine, Keio University. He is member of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery and the Japan Gastroenterological endoscopy society. He was certified as General Clinical Oncologist and Board Certified Esophagologist. In addition, he also gained Certificate of da Vinci Surgical System Off-Site Training as a Console Surgeon.

Dr. Suda Koichi is also member of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) and the International College of Surgeons (FICS).

Dr. Suda Koichi – Japanese leading gastroenterological surgeon

During his career, Dr. Suda Koichi always attempts to find the most effective yet minimally invasive treatment for patients. On the basis of his training in minimally invasive robotic laparoscopic surgery at Fujita Hospital, he has developed numerous researches related to robotic esophagectomy for esophageal cancer, robotic distal gastrectomy for highly advanced gastric cancer, and more.

The optimal and universal robot setup method based on da Vinci theory, with Dr. Suda Koichi’s proposal of Endosc surgery, has contributed to the development of robotic endoscopic surgery in Japan. Currently, he has been still attempting to disseminate this advanced surgical method. At the same time, based on his knowledge and experience, he is setting up and operating a surgery training center and a general research course on the development of advanced surgical treatment.

Da Vinci Robot – new application in gastrectomy for gastric cancer

Up to now, using da Vinci robot in endoscopic surgery in general and endoscopic surgery for esophageal cancer and gastric cancer in particular has been considered one of the greatest achievement in the field of general surgery. This technique has been applied at numerous big hospitals in US, the Europe, and Japan. Among them, the renowned Fujita Health University School of Medicine Hospital has successfully using the technique to for treatment of hundreds of cancer patients.

A case of surgery using da Vinci robot at Fujita Hospital

Da Vinci robot has superior technical specifications in comparison with other robotic surgical systems:

  • The advanced arm structure with 7 independent parts allows surgeons to flexibly perform complex operations that other methods could not offer such as cutting, stitching, pumping CO2, and more.
  • Da Vinci robotic surgery is performed with accurate images. In particular, the 3D display system allows doctors to observe the entire area undergoing surgery with high resolution, 10 times greater magnification than usual.
  • Intuitive Masters technology helps eliminate vibrations, helping the robot holds the surgical instruments or body parts more firmly while in manual surgery, hands of surgeons are often easily shaken
  • High-capacity memory allows robots to change surgical instruments easily, quickly and accurately;
  • Da Vinci Robot allows to reduce the surgery time to only half, helping the patient’s resuscitation process faster, reducing the risk of blood loss, and reducing pain for patients after surgery. In particular, this surgical method also helps reduce the risk of infection to the low rate of only 2-3%.

Medical seminar sharing new technique in surgery for gastric cancer at Hong Ngoc Hospital

In his business trip at Hong Ngoc General Hospital, on 10th August 2019, Dr. Suda Koichi will share da Vinci robotic surgery for gastric cancer. This is a valuable opportunity for surgeons and oncologists to learn more about the world’s most advanced cancer treatment.

The seminar also marks a new development in the medical cooperation between Hong Ngoc General Hospital and Fujita Hospital. This is the basis for Hong Ngoc to transfer technology and train staff with the Japan-based leading hospital.

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