Hearing is one of the important senses, showing the capability of noticing sounds by detecting vibrations through the ears. In order to know the exact degree of perceiving sounds, Hong Ngoc Hospital provides numerous suitable hearing measurements for both children and adults with today’s most advanced technology.

Audiometry is becoming more and more popular.

According to a survey of World Health Organization (WHO), out of 1000 newborn babies, there is 1 to 3 suffering from hearing impairment. This number is higher in developing countries. Recent researches have shown that audiometry – for early diagnosis of hearing loss – is highly essential. The thriving progress of science and technology has made diagnosing and treating diseases related to hearing deficiency much easier. You can now be aware of your hearing ability thanks to audiometry.

Hearing measurements at Hong Ngoc Hospital

For children and adults, there are different hearing measurements. At present, Hong Ngoc Hospital is applying 2 audiometric methods for these two groups of patients as below:

For children over 6 years old and adults: Subjective pure tone audiometry is applied. Here is how it’s done: After wearing a set of dedicated ear cups, you are required to listen carefully to the sounds emitted from the device. Put the button on the measuring device to signal the technician if you can hear the audio. The measurement will be performed on 8 frequencies with different sound intensity levels. The test will last from 15 to 30 minutes depending on how well the patient cooperates.

Subjective pure tone audiometry is suitable for children over 6 years old and adults

For infants and children under 6 years old: At this age, children are not capable of cooperating and reacting properly to sounds so the suitable method is objective hearing measurement (also known as sleeping audiometry). The method is carried out when the child is sound asleep in a sound-proof environment. Here is how it’s done: A monophonic sound is stimulated into the child’s ears, then the technician will attach electrodes to the forehead and behind the child’s ears to capture and record auditory nerve responses. This method is 100% safe and is performed for 1 hour.

Sleeping audiometry suitable for infants and children under 6 years old

The meaning of audiometry results

MMed. Saing Pisy – ENT Department of Hong Ngoc Hospital – claimed: “The audiometric results, also known as the audiogram, will tell you how well each person’s hearing is, and this auditory result will be able to tell if they have any difficulty in life”.

MMed. Saing Pisy – ENT Department of Hong Ngoc Hospital

Furthermore, audiometry will tell you if you need hearing aids, or which audiometric method is suitable for you.

Especially at the present, Hong Ngoc Hospital has been able to perform cochlear implant surgery on patients with severe hearing loss. This is an advanced technique in cochlear surgery in which the doctors will insert all electrode chains into the cochlear with absolute sterility. Each surgery will last from 1.5 to 2 hours. After 2 weeks, the device will be activated and connected to the external one with magnets through head skin.

With the cochlear device, the patient will be able to perceive sounds from all different frequencies. Then, after practicing, he will be able to speak and hear like a normal person.

On the 20th of July, Hong Ngoc Hospital has done a success cochlear implant surgery on patient Pham Thanh S. (29 years old, Hanoi). S. had had hearing deficiency ever since a high fever at the age of 20. After the surgery, S. is now capable of communicating with people around him.

Why should you choose Hong Ngoc Hospital for your audiometric test?

With modern facilities competent for all kinds of hearing measurement methods, Hong Ngoc Hospital is definitely a prestige and safe place to visit in Hanoi.

  • Modern equipment and facilities meeting international standards
  • Quick performance with accurate results
  • Experienced and highly qualified specialists
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