Pregnancy and birthing are the most wonderful and memorable experiences women in their lifetime. With aspiration to create the best experience for all the soon-to-be mothers, from 09/09 to 10/10/2019, Hong Ngoc Hospital is offering pregnant women a great promotion with a discount up to 10 million VND:

  • Up to 5 million VND off for the maternity and delivery packages at Hong Ngoc General Hospital.
  • Extra insurance for one parent (worth up to 3.4 million VND) when buying insurance for children from 0 – 1 year old (worth over 6.1 million VND).
  • Chances to receive special gifts from SNB, Moony, Morinaga, Mamamy.

With the maternity and delivery packages, pregnant women are offered the most perfect care, fully supported physically and mentally throughout the pregnancy:

  • Direct examination and consultant from top obstetricians and gynecologists. Numerous of them have worked at leading Hanoi-based hospitals such as Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital and Central Maternity Hospital.
  • Full services during pregnancy period such as ultrasound, examination with obstetricians and anesthesiologists, routine testing, fetal heart monitoring, vaccination …
  • Assured capture of every change in the mother’s body, detect and promptly handle risks, thereby prevent adverse signs affecting the health of the mother and the fetus.
  • Modern equipment and facilities with 5-star medical service standards and international quality.
  • C-section with preferred date, time and doctor.
  • Essential items for babies and mothers such as newborn clothes, milking machine…

Mothers can register for maternity package right from the very first months of pregnancy. Meanwhile, you are advised to register for the delivery service from the 28th week of pregnancy to experience the best care.

Benefits of the maternity and delivery package are as below:

Registration benefits Benefits Maternity package Delivery package
Pre-natal care Examination with obstetricians (unlimited)
Examination with anesthetists
Ultrasound (2D & 4D)
Monitoring fetal heart
Routine blood tests 14 types 13 types
Urine test
Tetanus vaccination X
CMV test (IgG + IgM) Screening for defects such as small skull, growth retardation … X
Delivery Delivery or C-section
Procedure for pain relief at birth (spinal anesthesia or epidural anesthesia)
Choose a doctor (only for C-section)
Post-natal care Vitamin K injection for babies
Newborn examination for babies
Post-natal examination for mothers
Yellow skin measurement for babies
Hospitalization Delivery 1 day 1 day
C-section 4 days 4 days
Food, equipment for mothers and babies
Excluded service Hearing and ear measurement
Blood heel test
Double test (09th-12th week) X
Triple test (15th-18th week) X
Cost Maternity package Delivery package
Single fetus Double fetuses   Single fetus Double fetuses
Delivery (VND) 26,600,000 33,000,000 19,200,000 24,900,000
C-section (VND) 40,550,000 48,500,000 33,150,000 40,400,000
C-section with selected time and date (VND) 44,050,000 52,000,000 36,650,000 43,900,000

Get an extra insurance for one parent when buying insurance for children

Not only do we offer you great promotions when registering for the maternity and delivery packages at Hong Ngoc but we also have another appealing gift for you: an extra insurance for one parent when buying insurance for children.

In particular, when buying insurance worth more than 6.1 million VND for children at the age of 0-1, the mother/father will be gifted an extra insurance worth 3.4 million VND.

Benefits of the insurance for children are as below:

  • Up to 10,000,000 VND/day for hospitalization, maximum 400,000,000 VND/year
  • Up to 3,000,000VND/ examination, maximum 10,000,000VND/year for 10 times
  • Insured directly 24/24 at Hong Ngoc Hospital and other private hospitals linked with Vietinbank (no receipts needed)

With all the fascinating promotions listed above, don’t hesitate to register right now and have the opportunity to experience the best medical experience at Hong Ngoc General Hospital.

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