From August 29th 2019, with our leading general surgeons, Hong Ngoc Hospital is offering patients free examination for digestive and urological disorders. This is a great opportunity for you to have a health checkup, early detecting diseases of the digestive and urinary systems, hence timely deciding appropriate treatment methods.

Great opportunity for free examination at 5-star hospital

Digestive and urologic diseases are those related to the digestive tract (mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, colon, rectum, anus), urinary tract (kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra) and ancillary organs (liver, pancreas, gallbladder), which are responsible for eating, digesting food and flushing out waste products and excess fluid from the body.

Nowadays, the common digestive and urologic diseases include constipation, gastro esophageal reflux, gastric-duodenal ulcer, colitis, enteritis, urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and kidney failure. More severe diseases are cirrhosis, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer and so on.

Digestive and urinary systems

MMed. Nguyen Minh Tuan, the leading specialist on digestive and urologic diseases at Hong Ngoc General Hospital claimed: “Patients with digestive and urologic diseases accounts for the largest number of all cases that Hong Ngoc Hospital has taken in for treatment. The main reason is that the patients haven’t been aware of the importance of regular health checkups for timely detecting, preventing and treating digestive and urologic diseases. Another reason is that patients usually ignore abnormal signals of the body, until they could not resist any longer and rush to hospital, making the treatment difficult and prolonged; even some cases are incurable”.

Doctor at Hong Ngoc Hospital going through patient’s medical history

So as to offer patients thorough checkup, from August 29th 2019, all patients coming to Hong Ngoc Hospital for examination of diseases related to the digestive and urinary systems will be exempted from examination expenses. Patients will only have to pay for screening, testing, endoscopy, etc. (if any) as indicated by the doctors.

Why should you choose Hong Ngoc for your examination of digestive and urologic diseases?

Established and operating with the “hospital-hotel” model, Hong Ngoc Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in the country, and is highly praised by millions of patients and their family members.

Patients won’t have to get in waiting line for hours or run around the hospital by themselves to take care of the troublesome procedures and paper works, or redo the whole register process every time they come to the hospital, which is bothersome and time-consuming. At Hong Ngoc Hospital, patients will experience fast services with the support of enthusiastic staffs and the most conscientious guidance. During the examination, the receptionists will give patients clear directions, taking them to the necessary department. Especially, customers only need to come to Hong Ngoc once and all of their personal information will be collected and stored in the online management system. This will not only help patients fast-forward the register process for the next time they come visit any facility of Hong Ngoc Hospital but also doctors to fully understand their patients’ medical history.

Image of Hong Ngoc Hospital (Savico Clinic)

Coming to Hong Ngoc Hospital, you will be examined and treated by leading experts with great medical experience, 24-hour on-site nurses who take care of you thoroughly, bringing you peace of mind even when there’s no family member around. In particular, patients are completely assured that the disease will be correctly diagnosed, timely treated, and the health is best protected by the most advanced technology in the world, with a team of technicians who are professionally trained in USA, Japan, Korea, etc.

One of the wonderful things at Hong Ngoc Hospital is that patients are treated in a modern, high-class environment, clean, airy, luxurious space and served from meals to sleep just like at home. Many patients have expressed that their experience of treatment at Hong Ngoc Hospital was like resting at a 5-stared hotel.

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