On the basis of Circular No. 14/2013/TT – BYT dated May 6, 2013 (issued with Official Letter No. 143/KCB-PHCN&GĐ by Ministry of Health), Hong Ngoc General Hospital is one of 13 Hanoi-based clinics recognized by Department of Medical examination and Treatment (Vietnam Ministry of Health) and Department of Employment (Vietnam Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs) as qualified hospital to offer health examination services for foreigners.

List of qualified hosptials/clinics to offer health examination services for foreigners in Hanoi

  • Hong Ngoc General Hospital
  • Saint Paul General Hospital
  • Duc Giang General Hospital
  • Dong Da General Hospital
  • Hoe Nhai General Hospital
  • L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi
  • E Hospital
  • Thu Cuc General Hospital
  • Trang An General Hospital
  • Vietlife General Clinic
  • Dr.Binh TeleClinic
  • Bach Mai Hospital

Renowned for the model of high quality hotel-hospital, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has been completely equipped with modern facilities and boasts a team of skilled and experienced specialists, ensuring to offer the best medical services to customers. Particularly, the health examination services for foreigners offered by the hospital not only is highly recommended but meet all legal requirements.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital is qualified to offer health check-up services for expats.

Certificate of health examination for foreigners issued by Hong Ngoc General Hospital is legally recognized. Accordingly, after using the health examination services at the hospital, those who want to register for work permit in Vietnam will not only know about their health status but receive a valid certificate of health examination for application for work permit in Vietnam.


  • Fasting, (only drink water if necessary), do not drink soft drinks, milk, fruit juice, alcohol, tea, or coffee, within 6-8 hours before blood and urine tests. It is the best to skip breakfast and take blood tests in the morning for the most accurate results.
  • Bring with you your passport and 2 photos (size 4x6cm, white background)  

During your time at Hong Ngoc General Hospital, our team of interpreters who are certified for medical interpreting will support and provide clear guidance to you in each step of examination. The professional interpreters will directly interpreting for you and specialists, eliminating all language barriers and helping you fully understand your health conditions.

With high-quality of medical services and dedicated staff, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has been considered a prime address for foreigners to have their health examined.

Let Hong Ngoc General Hospital care for your health. For further information, please contact:

Hotline: 0932 232 016
Tell: (84-4) 3927 5568 ext 2237 hoặc 2273
Email: khamsuckhoecanhan.hongngochospital.vn