On August 8th, Conference “New techniques for gastric cancer surgery in Japan” took place at Hong Ngoc Hospital with the attendance of numerous top surgical doctors. At the conference, Prof. Dr. Suda Koichi – also known as president assistant of Fujita Health University Hospital – shared his useful medical knowledge, especially the significant advantages of the popular medical method using Da Vinci Robot in endoscopic gastric cancer surgery.

At the conference was the presence of Dr. Cao Doc Lap – Director of Hong Ngoc Hospital, along with doctors from other departments such as oncology, general surgery and gastroenterology… The conference also attracted nearly 100 doctors and experts from national leading hospitals like K Hospital, Bach Mai, Viet Duc, 108 Military Central Hospital…

Dr. Cao Doc Lap – Director of Hong Ngoc General Hospital – delivered an opening speech

Gastric cancer is the third most common type of cancer (according to a data survey of WHO 2018). The annual number of people who have and die from gastric cancer can be up to 1.5 million people. The main cause of this disease is by the time the patient finds out about his condition, the tumor is already in its late stages and about to spread to other parts of the body. Besides, the invasive surgical approach still has various drawbacks: being lengthy, putting the patient in the condition where it causes blood loss and body imbalance under external stimulation; requiring a long time to recover; having high postoperative complication rate…

Nowadays, with the incredible advance of science and technology and the intervention of modern machinery and equipment used in surgical procedures, especially in gastric cancer surgery, the defects of invasive surgical method are improved. Among that, the appearance of Da Vinci Robot is considered as the most remarkable invention in the field of endoscopic gastric cancer surgery recently.

Da Vinci Robot is the world leading endoscopic surgical technique

For more information about Prof. Dr. Suda Koichi, read more here

Dr. Suda Koichi has studied the brilliance of the minimally invasive surgical method (traditional endoscopy) versus invasive surgical approach. However, the difficulty in training doctors with high qualifications, lengthy surgical time, large expenses, long surgical equipment without flexing function which is more prone to shaking hands and lack of sensation during surgery… are the downsides of the traditional endoscopy. The Da Vinci Robot surgical system was invented to keep these disadvantages at a minimum. This was also the gist of Prof. Koichi’s presentation at the conference.

Prof. Dr. Suda Koichi – A Japanese leading expert on gastrointestinal surgery

Since 2009, the Da Vinci Robot surgical system has been introduced in South Korea. Up to now, almost every major hospital in the world has applied this great medical achievement in support of laparoscopic surgery. With high definition 3D images and zoom mode, the entire surgical process is clearly recorded to help the surgeon observe the most meticulously. The 7-step arm with flexible kink clamp helps the robot operate accurately even for highly difficult techniques. Intuitive Masters technology helps eliminate common vibrations during manual surgery. Especially, the surgical time is cut in half with the support of Da Vinci Robot, decreasing the chance of blood loss, infection, pain or postoperative complications. Giving not just theoretical and factual results, Prof. Koichi directly published videos of Da Vinci Robot during the procedures of distal gastrectomy operation and dissection of D2 lymph nodes during surgery for patients with gastric cancer. This was extremely rare and never-before-seen materials for all the doctors attending the event.

Prof. Dr. Suda Koichi gives a presentation on how Da Vinci Robot works

Especially, at the end of the conference, Prof. Koichi had some practical sharing with Vietnamese doctors, for instance, on when to operate with robots; when to use radiotherapy to reduce the stage of cancer and operate gastrectomy afterwards; how to cut down the expense of gastric cancer surgery with robot Da Vinci…

In addition, Prof. Koichi shared that cancer at the early stage should be operated with robot. For advanced stage 4 cancer or when the size of the tumor is more than 5 cm and metastatic lymph nodes are more than 1.5cm in size, it can be done with chemotherapy to reduce the cancer first and then proceed to cut with robot.

Conference “New techniques for gastric cancer surgery in Japan” held on August 8th was the occasion for surgical doctors at Hong Ngoc Hospital, as well as Vietnamese doctors in general, to learn and cultivate their technical knowledge about the modern Da Vinci Robot in gastric cancer surgery. Moreover, throughout the conference, the cooperative relation between Hong Ngoc Hospital and Fujita Health University Hospital was particularly strengthened, giving doctors at Hong Ngoc Hospital the opportunity to receive intensive training about gastric cancer treatment in Japan.

Here are some meaningful photos at the conference

The presentation on Da Vinci robot of Dr. Koichi receives careful attention from doctors in the conference hall
Doctors making questions for Dr. Koichi
Dr. Cao Doc Lap has an exciting discussion with Dr. Koichi
The two doctors take photos as a memento of the special occasion

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