The Lifting up Dreams 2019, from 2 March to 16 March 2019, has come to an end with significant achievements. In the 7th mission, RICE project led by Dr. Joseph Mark Rosen and Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s medical team has lifted dreams of 30 Vietnamese disfigured children.

Let’s look back our 14 days of the Lifting up Dreams 2019.

In the morning 2nd March 2019, the opening ceremony of the 7th Lifting up Dreams was hosted at Hong Ngoc General Hospital with the attendance of American specialists of RICE project, the hospital’s doctors and physicians, patients and their family as well as representatives from the press and media channels. Delivering the speech at the event, Dr. Joseph Mark Rosen shared his hope of giving more opportunities for disfigured children to bring them a brighter future.

Dr. Rosen delivering his speech

Right after the opening ceremony, the team of American specialists and Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s doctors led by Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha altogether directly examined and consulted for more than 80 cases which had been screened from more than 300 registered applications. This was a huge effort of American and Vietnamese doctors to deal with the large number of patients in only one day.

Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha and other experts examining a case of ear deformity

Each case was carefully examined to determine correctly the condition of deformities. CT and MRI were applied to serious ones to ensure the result of consultation and possibility of surgery. Although it’s all about medical issues and defects, the examination day was full of happiness which was seen in the eyes of lovely children.

After examination, patients which meet necessary requirements were scheduled for surgery on the following days. Understanding the difficulties and financial matters of staying in Hanoi, the organization board prioritized for patients living in Ho Chi Minh City, Kien Giang, Lam Dong and other provinces which are far from Hanoi to get their children’s surgery done first.

Examination before operation

In the first 4 days, American specialists and Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s ones performed 9 successful case, mainly related to ear deformities.

The Lifting up Dreams 2019 came to an end with 30 successful surgeries, increasing the total number of charity surgeries by RICE and Hong Ngoc General Hospital to 158.

The ekip shared their happiness after a successful surgery

The last days of the program were spent on post-operate health check for the patients. All of them has well recovered with good state of health. Some even were allowed to early discharge from the hospital. In addition to the provision of free surgery, Hong Ngoc General Hospital shared financial burden of disadvantaged families by offering free post-care on the basis of each case.

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Nha re-examining little patients

With the trust and hope of American and Vietnamese specialists to bring a brighter future to disfigured children, for 6 years of operation, Lifting up Dreams program has made the dream of Vietnamese children who have birth defects come true. We do hope that with the strong support from the program, they would soon be confident with their appearance and happily integrate in the community.

On this occasion, we would like to express our gratitude to 21 communication partners for accompanying to Lifting up Dreams 2019 and spreading this meaningful event to the community, allowing more patients across the country to reach us.

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