For various purposes such as health insurance claim or further treatment at other medical clinics and hospital, paper copies of medical records may be released upon receipt of written authorization of patients over the age of 18 or a legal guardian.

To make a request, the patient or authorized person could email to, providing following information:

  1. Personal information (Name, DOB, address)
  2. Phone number used for register
  3. Copy of ID card or passport
  4. A state of commitment: “After receive the medical documents provided by Hong Ngoc General Hospital, I shall have no complaints”.

Once the email is received, it may take some days for us to process your request. Please be aware of this additional time so that you could manage your personal issues related to these documents.

We will then inform you right after the medical records is released. You could either visit the hospital to take them or ask authorized person to do that. Please remember to bring your passport or ID card with you. In case your authorized person comes to get the documents, he or she must bring his/her passport or ID card, your passport or ID card, authorization letter, and your commitment letter.

You can also require us for EMS services by providing your address and phone number.

For further information, please contact us. Thank you for trusting us and using our services!