Hong Ngoc hospital features a mobile ambulance team operating 24/24 at high-quality standards. Our doctors and nurses ensure to be on duty continuously, going to the patient place in the shortest time and helping them stabilize the situation on the ambulance before transferring to the hospital. Hospital ambulance can also help patients discharged from the hospital but still need doctor and nurse accompanied home.
Please contact (+84-24) 3927 5568 to be served in emergency situations.
Hong Ngoc General Hospital is located in the heart of Hanoi, which is convenient for not only Vietnamese and expats living in Hanoi, but also people in other provinces. You can travel to the hospital by car, taxi, bus and so on.  The nearest bus station is only few hundreds meters from the hospital.In addition, Hong Ngoc receptionists are glad to support you to call your taxi when necessary. Just please let us know. 
If you need transportation from home, airport, or station, please contact us in advance. This service is available to customers without using ambulance but needs the support of doctor or nurse in the process of moving from home to hospital or to other places.
Thank you for your trust!