On July 20th, Hong Ngoc Hospital successfully performed a cochlear implant surgery on a patient who had been living for 9 years long with hearing deficiency, helping the patient perceive actual sounds of life and giving him a brighter future. This is the first cochlear implant surgery conducted at Hong Ngoc Hospital

9 years living with hearing deficit…

Patient P.T.T is a doctor working at a hospital in Hanoi. At the age of 20, after a high fever, he found his hearing ability decreased. Having undergone several medical treatments but with no improvement, he decided to wear hearing aids.

However, wearing hearing aids caused him discomfort and inconvenience for Mr. T in daily life. Once reading news on the Internet, he learned about cochlear implant method. Thanks to the information and further research from other sources, he found out about a cochlear manufacturer and came there for consultant. There he was introduced to the outstanding advantages of cochlear compared to the hearing aids he was wearing.

Cochlear implant is currently the most advanced method to improve hearing.

Besides, Mr. T was recommended names of hospitals that were competent to perform cochlear implant surgery. He didn’t hesitate to choose Hong Ngoc Hospital to get his hearing ability improved. Mr. T shared the reason why he chose Hong Ngoc: “I had examination at Hong Ngoc once and I really appreciate the high quality of medical service here so I can put my complete trust in the hands of Hong Ngoc’s doctors who will perform the surgery for this special treatment”.

A life changing operation at Hong Ngoc Hospital

On 20 July 2019, Mr. P.T.T entered the operation room with much hope and belief in the surgical team of Hong Ngoc Hospital.

The team performing the cochlear implant surgery included MMed. Saing Pisy from the Ear – Nose – Throat Department of Hong Ngoc Hospital, Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Xuong – Head of ENT Department (Vietnam National Children’s Hospital), and the hospital’s nurses and physicians. The surgery lasted for nearly 2 hours with efforts and meticulousness in each step of doctors.

The doctors’ meticulousness in each step
Dr. Pisy carried out the surgery on his patient

After surgery, Dr. Pisy tested the device to evaluate the electrodes and the results showed that 12 electrodes were very responsive and working well. This is a success beyond expectation of the patient as well as the team because not all patients undergoing the surgery have 12 well-working electrodes.

The operation was successful beyond expectation after 2 hours

2 days after the surgery, the incision was dry, the patient had no abnormal signs like headache, dizziness, tongue numbness, or loss of taste. He was discharged and came back to the hospital on 15 August to officially “switch on” the cochlear device.

15 August 2019 was a special day not only for Mr. T but also for Hong Ngoc Hospital. The cochlear device was turned on and everything was working well. The doctors and patient couldn’t hide their happiness. From now on, Mr. T is able to hear the truest sound of life. The small-sized cochlear which sticks to the skinhead doesn’t cause any inconvenience or discomfort to the patient on a daily basis.

The successful cochlear implant surgery on Mr. P.T.T has marked an important achievement for Hong Ngoc Hospital to be able to master advanced surgical methods, improve hearing impairment for patients. MMed. Saing Pisy added: “Cochlear implant surgery needs to be performed as soon as possible, especially the best timing for children is from 1-5 years old before they can speak and go to school”.

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