• Internet Access

Free wifi via captive portal is available in the entire hospital. You can easily access to the internet. The portal will auto restart each 30 minutes/section.

  • Restaurant

Visit our spacious, air conditioned and well-designed restaurants on the 4th floor – 55 Yen Ninh, the 10th floor – Keangnam, and the 3rd floor – Savico Long Bien to enjoy meals or relax with a cup of Vietnamese traditional coffee. The beautiful seating also allows you to relax outside the restaurants.

An array of hot and cold food are prepared and served 15 hours a day.

For out-patient: a free buffet voucher is provided upon your visit for health check-up or treatment.

For in-patient: a selection of food and beverage are served for free during your stay at the hospital. Several dishes are subject to change based on seasons and demands.

Guests: Come to enjoy delicious dishes at the restaurants and kindly pay by cash or debit card.

  • Playing Zone for Children

Fun, educational, and therapeutic activities at the Playing Zone will surely bring children a lot of joy. A plenty of resources are available for parents as well.

Instead of computer and electric gaming, the Playing Zone focuses on physical and interactive ones and relaxing activities that release the children and their parents’ anxiety caused by hospital stay.

There is also a place for parents to work with their children on development activities and build necessary social and emotional skills.

  • Other Utilities

Parking; Television & Newspapers;

Accommodations: We are very first hotel-hospital model in Hanoi. Therefore, you have a wide selection of choices to stay at our hospital or nearby.